Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quest for peanut butter

There are some things in life that you really don't realize that you really like/need until you don't have them. Though Italian food is AMAZING, my list of "normal" food cravings is rapidly growing. A couple of days ago, I started craving peanutbutter. It turns out that in Italy the equivalent of peanutbutter is Nutella. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Nutella. But after a while, Nutella gets really old. Especially when you're expected to eat it for breakfast every day. It has absolutely no nutritional value. Zero. Chocolate/hazelnut spread should be for dessert, not for all purpose consumption every day.
So I decided to buy myself some peanut butter for lunch one day. Little did I realize that finding peanut butter would be close to impossible. According to one of the professors here, many Italians don't like peanut butter because it's "too sweet" so although every grocery store stocks shelves of Nutella, they rarely stock more than a couple of jars of Skippy. Not only is it scarce, but also costs upwards of 6 euros in some stores. There was no way that I was going to pay that much for half a jar of semi-decent peanut butter. I finally got desperate enough after searching a couple of supermarkets and ended up forking out 3 euros for a jar of creamy American peanut butter. It was worth it; that jar is in my purse every day when I go to school. Now if only I could find a loaf of whole wheat bread... the Tuscan, non-salted variety is really only good for dipping in olive oil or layering with tomatoes for bruschetta.



  1. French people don't like peanut butter either!! I haven't even tried to look for it, but no one eats it here. Kind of sad! Glad you found some :) xoxox M

  2. That's why I brought peanut butter with me to Oxford! I had a friend tell me exactly this... So weird. Though I haven't looked in the stores here to see if they have it - they do have a lot of unexpectedly American staples.

  3. Wait till you're craving dominos.