Monday, October 4, 2010

Another comment on peanut butter

After being told by various sources that French people don't like peanut butter, I seem to have landed myself in a French household that actually loves it! I don't know that they eat it plain very often (on bread or in a sandwich I mean), but last night my host family and I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. It was somewhat surprising when my host mom pulled out a half-size jar of creamy Skippy peanut butter (especially given the organic peanut butter craze in California--I don't think I've had Skippy in years, literally), and we started whipping up some cookies! Turns out she has a recipe for these cookies that their first exchange student from Stanford had given her. Génial! I told her that the cookies are even better with a heartier peanut butter, and she said that Monoprix (kind of like a Safeway, except that there's a clothes floor) had a whole aisle of different kinds of peanut butter, and that she would check them out next time she went food shopping. I may do a little snooping myself! Our next American food adventure will be banana bread--they can't quite seem to wrap their head around the concept, but after seeing copious amounts of way overripe bananas in the kitchen, I decided I had to introduce them to it. A bientôt!!


  1. Also highly entertaining were the questions about American measurements--my host mom's sister lived in Foster City, CA for a while, and brought her an American set of measuring cups and teaspoon/tablespoon measuring spoons. Good thing I was there to distinguish between tsp and tbsp! And to reassure them that yes, the plastic measuring cups could in fact go in the dishwasher, just like that.

  2. So. Jealous. Pleaseeeee send me some?